We are a a small family business including 4 full time employees and 1 co-associate without operational duties. 

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Kalsang Hartmann, General Manager and Founder


Kalsang is a 37 year old Tibetan who has lived in Switzerland for more than 20 years. Kalsang is fascinated by the Tibetan cuisine with a lot of passion and commitment who wanted to bring a part of her to Geneva and, from that, the idea of Tibet Café arose.

Before setting up the restaurant, she used to have a Tibetan momo stand at the Paléo Festival and worked for six years in an international finance company.


Kalsang takes care of the operational management of the restaurant and the accounting part and also prepares momos and serves clients.

Dadon Tsangsar, deputy general manager


Dadon is a full tibetan 29 year woman. She works for Tibet Café since its beginning and takes care of the food preparation and serves the clients on a daily basis.

Dadon used to work in the gastronomy sector before and has several years of experience in this field.

Pema x - Chef de cuisine


Pema is full Tibetan 2x year old man. He enjoys preparing momos and the daily specials. 

Pema was used to work as a chef de cuisine in other restaurant before he joined Tibet Café and has several years of experience in the restaurant business.

Jampa x - Servant


Jampa is a full Tibetan 3x year old man. He used to work for other restaurants in Geneva and has several years of experience within the restaurant business.